10 Reasons Why You Should Book Outdoor Summer Family Photos with Me

I understand how busy life can be. While driving kids to soccer or baseball games, constantly cleaning up the house, and keep up with your own job can make summer feel overwhelming, but don’t let that stop you from booking a family photography session during one of the best times of year.

Summer is one of my favorite times of the year for family pictures. The trees have lushes leaves, the flowers are blooming, and your skin has a sun kissed glow. Here are the top 10 reasons why you should book me right now in Northwest Indiana.

Reason One: To Capture Those Lushes Greens in Northwest Indiana.

We all know Indiana is known for the wheat fields and they can be found at almost any park, but I love all the pockets of greenery found in the state parks. The greens make for a beautiful background and can be beautifully displayed in a home all year long. Greenery doesn’t feel like it has a season unlike fall colors or winter wonderlands. They give beautiful shade and amazing starburst when they creep through the trees.

Reason Two: Because I Offer a Family Fun Experience Playing Games and Being Yourself.

No one wants to show up to a family session and have to sit in different positions for an hour at a time putting on a smile. That is why I do a combination of classical poses and fun prompts to get the kids smiling, the parents snuggling, and an experience everyone will enjoy. I want you to spend time as a family exploring, dancing, laughing, cuddling in close, and be a fly on the wall as it all happens. I start by guiding you to a spot in a pose, then I may tell you to tickle your kids or have them attack you like a bear. These moments are for you to enjoy as a family, and I capture every detail.

Reason Three: I Want to Take Photos That Capture Your Unique Family.

Every family is different which is why every photography session is different. Some Families are all about laughter and running around, and others are all about getting the perfect pose to hang on the wall. This is why before every booking I have a phone consultation to hear about what a family photoshoot looks like to YOU!

Reason Four: To Get Outside and Enjoy Indiana’s Summer.

Indiana doesn’t have the longest summer since the season is always changing. While your kids are off from school, this is the perfect time to plan out a photography session. Pick a location near an ice cream shop or park and as soon as you finish up your photos, take the kids out for a special treat and make it a full day experience for the kids.

Reason Five: Take Advantage of the Warm Summer Sun.

Summers in Indiana give off beautiful lighting and we can have some amazing sunsets. Take advantage of unique sun flares bursting through the trees or beautiful sunsets. Most of my family photos take place during golden hour where the warm Indiana sun hugs around you.

Reason Six: There are More Styling Options in Summer.

Unlike fall colors where you stick to deeper tones and off whites, summer can be full of color and fit the vibe you are going for. If you want deeper tones, the greenery will go nicely with jewel tones such as teal, emerald, or purple. If you are looking for a brighter tone, you can go with pastels and bright whites. Choose clothing colors that you love to wear and will look great with your house to make it stand out as an art piece in your home.

Reason Seven: Because My Family Photo Sessions Are Flexible When It comes to Bad Weather.

This is Northwest Indiana we are talking about where the weather can show it will be bright and sunny one minute and scattered thunderstorms the next. The good news is, when you book me, I block out that day for you rather than planning a session right before another. If we are able to move a session earlier or later in the day that will always be the first option. If weather looks bad the entire day, we will plan for another day as an option. I only take on so many sessions a month to allow wiggle room due to bad weather.

Reason Eight: Photograph your kids while they are still little.

Kids never stop growing. I mean NEVER stop growing. I love to do yearly pictures of my kids that way I have all the photos to look back as. They serve as a memory for me. When I look back at photos when my kids were little I am instantly reminded of stories during that stage of life. Stories I may laugh about, cry at, and just smile as I reminse on the years. We can’t keep them little forever, but we surely can document it and keep it as an heirloom to pass down.

Reason Nine: I have a lot of experience photographing families and children.

I love photographing families and children, my kids are the whole reason I got started in family photography. I never wanted to miss out on documenting my kids as they were growing up and soon friends and family started to hire me because they too didn’t want to miss out on their children growing older over the years. You can trust you are in good hands when you hire me as your family photographer. We will laugh, play, and all of the real genuine smiles will be photographed for you to hold onto.

Reason Ten: Booking a family session with me is a whole experience from start to finish.

From start to finish, booking your family photoshoot is a whole experience. I start every client with a phone call because I want to know what your family dynamic is like, what you hope to have photographed, and what your family means to you. I want to hear everything about your family and make sure I am the right photographer to document exactly what you are looking for.

Every client that works with me receives styling tips and knows I am always a phone call away to help make sure your colors and what you are wearing is perfect for the style you want in your pictures. Sessions last roughly an hour long and within two weeks, we come back together to go over all of your images, album designs, and wall art designs to create custom art perfect for your family.

If this has you excited to book your family session, I would love to get you on a phone call and talk through the next steps and get you booked for your ideal Family photoshoot in Northwest Indiana.


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