What Does a Northwest Indiana Family Photography Session Look Like in Fall

If you have read my blog about summer sessions, you will know they are my favorite. I love the beautiful greenery and flowering blooming, but I am also a summer baby and am a bit biased towards the summer months being my favorite. A second runner up is fall, but for many, this is a top favorite time to schedule their family session. Here is a glimpse into a family session to show you what it may be like for you!

Family Styling

Every client I work with goes through a phone call consultation and before each session we always talk about styling. The colors you choose will influence the way your photos turn out. This family choose to go with blues, greens, and off whites to not take away too much from the beautiful foliage in the back.

Posing that is Timeless

I start most sessions with beautiful traditional family poses. I guide them into beautiful lighting, show them where to bring their hands, how to slightly arch their back or bring down their shoulder. I want everything to look perfect before I begin taking the pictures. I love to do the traditional poses first because sometimes the prompts can get a little crazy and can mess up their hair.

Prompts to Bring Family Laughter

After we have our beautiful family poses done, I love to bring out real laughter in pictures and true emotions. Sometimes I may have mom or dad tickle the little ones. I may have the siblings squeeze each other tight. Other times I may have mom and dad “kiss with their teeth” which always gives real laughter by the end of it. Photos are meant to tell a story, YOUR family story.

Indiana Locations for Perfect Lighting

When I talk with clients, I always suggest location where I know the lighting is ideal. A place with a good amount of shade, but with pockets where the sun can peak through. I also love having locations where we can be under the trees, but also have an option for a spot with the sky if we have a beautiful sunset with all the colors.


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