Top 4 locations to Photograph in Munster, Indiana

Living in Munster Indiana for the last 5 years has given me a great opportunity to explore as I look for locations to photograph my friends, family, and clients. I look for the direction of the sun compared to the location, coloring, and ease of getting there since some of my clients invite their grandparents to come for their photos. I also look for building structures to give a good variety of photographs.

Heritage Park

If you grew up in Munster, there is a good chance you have been to Heritage Park before. It is a beautiful little secluded area full of bloom in the spring and summer. They have nice woodchip trails which are both beautiful to look at in photographs, but also helps keep it get too muddy after a good rain. They have a beautiful gazebo and other small benches for posing on or dancing under if it decides to rain. The best part is, the park is a good size with beautiful lighting all around. Whether you take pictures at sunrise or sunset, you are guaranteed to get beautiful photos at Heritage Park.

Centennial Park

Centennial Park is a lovely location with a small lake, building structures, and lots of beautiful plants surrounding it. This location is popular among those visiting Munster since it is so large, there are plenty of places to take pictures at. I do find this location to sometimes be overcrowded with people, but because the location is so big, there are plenty of places to take pictures.

White Oak Park

White Oak Park in Munster, Indiana is right off of 45th and White Oak Street. The location is ideal for sunset pictures as the beauty of the park’s background is in the west. It has a large open field with tall trees and trails. It also has a cute little bridge overlooking the canal. In the spring there are big beautiful, bloomed trees and in the fall the colors turn into a golden yellow.

My Munster Studio

If outdoor portraits are not your thing, I love to take studio portraits with dramatic lighting. Whether it is children’s portraits, maternity, or newborn, studio portraits are a great way to stay out of any bad weather and keep the focus completely on you.

Munster Indiana studio maternity portrait



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