Best Parks for Kids in Munster, Indiana

Kids love to be outside. They thrive when they can breathe in the fresh air, act like a ninja as they climb the rock walls or run around as they chase their siblings and friends around. But if you are new to the area or your child is finally old enough to play around at the park, it could be hard to decide which park is best to go to. Yes, you can always go to the park closest to your home, but did you know parks are designed for specific ages? The park near your house may not be the best fit for your child. As a mom of three boys, we love to explore different parks around town, and as they grow older, their favorite park begins to change. Below I have a list of a few of our favorite parks.

Three boys sitting on a tree in Munster Indiana Parks

Centennial Park

My boys have always loved going to Centennial Park since they were old enough to start walking. We are lucky enough to have a trail we can ride our bikes to get there which is an added bonus for our family. If you need to drive, they do have plenty of parking, but if you are not a resident of Munster, there is a small fee to park on location.

Centennial Park has two large parks on site allowing for all ages to have a good time. On the east side there is the big kid park with taller slides, climbing ladders, and long bridges great for imagination and running around. In the center of the park there is a large spider web where kids can scream “I’M ON TOP OF THE WORLD!” in their best pirate voice. On the west side of Centennial Park there is a park built for the younger kids with little slides, short bridges, and tiny ladders perfect for the kids beginning to learn how to climb.

Besides the park area, there is also walking trails, a pond, and plenty of benches to explore with your little ones. Grab a stroller, a picnic basket, and plan on staying a while as you enjoy time with your family. Centennial Park is also a wedding venue which means they have a great scenery to take family pictures.

Bluebird Park

Bluebird Park is almost like a hidden gem if you do not live in the neighborhood. They also have two parks to suite all ages with plenty of obstacles for kids to climb, slides to go down, and really gain strength in their hands as they have many styles of monkey bars. The highlight of this park for my kids is the zipline they glide down. My kids have never fallen off of it, but please supervise if your kids are still learning how to hold on tight.

There is plenty of greenery to play soccer with friends or start up a flag football game. They also have tennis courts and a walking trail if you are interested in getting your steps in as your older kids enjoy their time playing.

White Oak Park

White oak Park in Munster Indiana is by 45th street and White Oak Ave. This park is geared towards older kids who are able to climb and play on their own. They have all the key elements of a great park including tall slides, monkey bars, and swings. They also have a very large green space great for football, soccer, or running races. They have three tennis courts on site and a large pavilion with plenty of tables where you can have a picnic or rent it out for a summer birthday party.

If you find your child is just a little too small for this park, there is no need to drive somewhere else. Right across the bridge is Twin Creek Parks with two more playgrounds perfect for older and younger kids. The east side has climbing ropes and the west side has the perfect starter playground for those just learning to walk. There is also a baseball field and basketball courts. Honestly, this location has it all and you are sure to have a great time.

Wicker Memorial Park

8554 Indianapolis Blvd, Highland, IN 46322

Wicker Memorial Park isn’t technically in Munster, Indiana, but it is right on the boarder and is probably one of the largest parks. Not only do they have a giant park for your kids to run around at to subdue all their energy, but they also have great walking trails, a park for adults to work out at, volleyball courts, and in the summertime, they have a splashpad! T

his park can often get crowded because of how much there is to do there. So, if you are looking for a playground where your kids will find friends to play with, this is an ideal location. Wicker Memorial Park is also a wedding venue which means they have beautiful places to take family pictures at.

Community Park

8679-8673 Calumet Ave, Munster, IN 46321

My kids love going to community park right after we have a visit at the library since they are right across the street from one another. We love to ready books, but having three boys means I need to get their energy out and the library just doesn’t cut it. Community Park has two large parks right next to each other with so many activities your kids should not get bored for quite a while. Something unique about this park is the musical elements weaved within. They can bang around on drums and be as loud as they want since they are outside of course! There is also a skate park not too far away if your child is interested in learning how to go up hills or off jumps. My kids aren’t to that level just yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they start asking in a couple of years from now!

If one of these parks do not suite your kid’s needs, I am sure you will be able to find one in the area. Munster is full of parks which was one of the reasons we had moved to Munster Indiana 6 years ago. Not only do they have fun and exciting playgrounds, but they also have beautiful places to go on walks or take family pictures and as a mom and photographer those were three things that were important to me.


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