Favorite Locations for family photographs outside of Munster, Indiana

Maybe you have recently read where I love to photograph within Munster, Indiana Blog and none of those locations suit what you are looking for. Don’t worry, I have plenty of locations I love to go to in the surrounding areas and to be honest, I probably go to these outdoor locations more often than staying in Munster. The list here are some of my favorite locations for family and maternity photography in the state of Indiana within a reasonable drive.

Hamstra Gardens, Wheatfield, Indiana

12028 County Rd 200 W, Wheatfield, IN 46392

Hamstra Gardens has such a unique history to it and if you ever have time to read up on their location, I absolutely recommend it! They established in 1960 and have grown to over 6 acres of the most beautiful garden you will ever step into. They have antique doors, arches, bridges, and is guaranteed to make your background of your photos just perfect. They offer specific time slots to go, so make sure to book in advance! It is a little farther away in Wheatfield, Indiana, but absolutely worth the drive.

Friendship Botanic Garden, Michigan City, Indiana

2055 E US Highway 12, Michigan City, IN 46360 

You cannot go wrong with going to the Botanical Gardens in Michigan City, Indiana. They have 100 acres of stunning gazebos, bridges, beautiful species of trees and flowers everywhere you look. Plan on spending extra time here after your pictures to really take on how picturesque it is. This is an ideal location for wedding pictures in northwest Indiana but is also great for any other genre. There is a fee at this location but ask your photographer if they already have a membership and you won’t have to worry about it!

Kemil Beach, in Beverly Shores, Indiana

Kemil Beach is close to the Indiana Dunes State Park, but parking is free here. If you are looking for beach photos in northwest Indianapolis, this is the place to go. It does not get overcrowded, and the sunsets are beautiful here. Whether you want traditional posed photos or a day spending time with your family, this beach is perfect for kids, couples, or maternity photos.

Whihala Beach, Whiting, Indiana

1561 Park Road, Whiting, IN 46394

Whihala Beach has large rocks, big open skies, sand, gazebos and so much more. This is the prefect spot if you are looking for a beach close to home in Indiana. In the summer-time, like most beaches, it does get very crowded. Making sure to either go early in the morning for sunrise pictures, or plan to go during the week for sunset images is best at this location. There is a parking fee when attending Whihala beach, so keep in the amount of time you spend here if that is a concern.

Hoosier Prairie, Schererville, Indiana

135 E Main St, Schererville, In 46375 

Hoosier Prairie is located in Schererville, Indiana. It is right off of Main Street and if you didn’t know the area well, you could easily miss it. It is a smaller prairie, but don’t let that fool you of it’s beauty. In the spring and summer months it has tall grasses and plenty of shade to take beautiful family pictures. There are unique spots with trees that have fallen over which has become the backdrop for many family photos. In August and September, the tall grasses are filled with beautiful yellow flowers, and when the sun is just right, you can have this big open sky look with an old wooden fence which is often a favorite of my clients. In the fall, the trees are mostly a burnt orange until all the leaves fall.

Oak Ridge Prairie in Griffith, Indiana

301 S Colfax St, Griffith, IN 46319 

This is my favorite spot to go to almost year-round. I have done snow pictures here where the trails are covered in snow, but visible just enough to show where to go. I have come here in the spring and summer when the flowers are blooming, and the trees are filled with large green leaves. I also come here every fall because they have so many different species of trees that the colors here are just beautiful to photograph. Oak Ridge Prairie in Griffith, Indiana, is a state park so it does cost about $5 to get in if you are an Indiana resident. It is absolutely worth it to come here. The have a lake, bridges, small rivers, and the perfect places to take family photos. It is never too crowded, and there is plenty of space for kids to run around and be themselves.


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